Glitterfreaks | Glitterfreaks Make Up And Body Artistry | Kristin Williams |

You never forget your first glitter …

I was six, sitting backstage awaiting to go and dance my first show. I was nervous, my hair was done and I was in my tutu, when all of a sudden the makeup lady reappeared and sprinkled some ‘fairy dust’ over my hair and placed glitter next to my smile.

I danced as if I were flying, and I’ve danced ever since. That’s how glitter made me feel. Free to express myself, free to move, free to be me.

Bit by bit, through life’s twists and turns I’ve learnt the true importance of what that really means - to be free to be yourself in a world which often demands otherwise is the challenge, to feel sparkly on the inside and let it shine on the outside is the ultimate goal.



Glitter art never fails to make people around me smile. I feel privileged to be the lady who brings out the nature of freedom in others; I create glitter art on people and it instantly transforms them. They hold themselves taller, their eyes widen, they dance and giggle. It’s as if the glitter unleashes a whole creative side to them that has been zipped up for a while.

To me, mastering the art of life is being able to express that side every day.

So if you love glitter, if you just want to roll in it screaming ‘let me be sparkly forever more’ I can make that happen. In fact I look forward to it!

I can’t wait to meet you and make you sparkle.


xox Kristin